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The Muslims FamilyAn islamically oriented animated children's cartoon about a Muslim family of four. A father, mother and their two kids, Hani and Huda. Hani is a 7 year old active and outgoing boy. He's quick to make friends with many different types of people, and assumes the best of them. Hani tries his best to be a good role model to his little sister Huda. Huda is less active than Hani, and primarily likes to stay at home drawing or playing with dolls. We follow the lives of the family as they interact with one another and the society around them. We learn lessons that can benefit ourselves in how to deal with our parents, children, siblings, relatives, friends, and strangers. The goal of the show is to be an entertaining way to teach islamic morals to our children, that will Inshaa Allah benefit them as they grow.

Fatwa for use of Images for Children

Aaishah said, "I used to play with dolls in the presence of the Prophet (pbuh), and my girlfriends used to play along with me. Whenever, Allaah's Messenger (pbuh) would enter, they would hide from him. So he called them to play with me." - Sahih al Bukhari, vol. 8, p. 95, no. 151 and Sahih Muslim, vol. 4, p. 1299, no. 5981. See also Sunan Abu Dawud, vol. 3, p. 1373, no. 4913.

The companion Ar-Rubayya bint Muawwath said, "We used to fast on that day (10th Muharram) and also make the children fast. We would make toys figures out of wool for them, and if any of them cried for food, he would be given one until it was time to break the fast." - Fat-h al-Baree, vol. 10, pp. 543-4

About Us

The team consists of 4 brothers, Ahmad, Usamah, Yousuf, and Ibrahim, who have brought their individual expertise to attempt to create an animated cartoon series for Muslim children.

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